The 2012 Forum for Interdisciplinary Dialogue anticipates accepting talks over a wide range of fields with a central theme of “Fact, Fiction, Supposition.” Presenters should anticipate an educated audience, but one not necessarily familiar with their own field. For this reason, we suggest that presenters attempt to include sufficient background information to help their audience. In the spirit of assisting the presenter, the Organizing Committee has allowed for (i) website space in which to include additional background information for each presenter and (ii) poster space for each presenter. We encourage our presenters to utilize these additional opportunities to express their work.

Talks will be arranged in panels with a similar theme. Time will be allotted for both questions and discussion. Each panel will have a moderator who will be responsible for enforcing the time restrictions. The schedule includes a coffee breaks between sessions.

Each presenter can expect to have A/V Equipment to show powerpoint slides, movies or play music during their allotted time. Presenters are encouraged to and will be supported through any innovative means of presentation. Completion of the Registration Form will allow us to assess the A/V needs and post more information about what equipment will be provided (see below). Presenters may assume that upon an on-time completion of the Registration Form, all of their equipment will be provided.

Audio-Visual Guidelines

The Jefferson Foundation building has its own AV equipment. We require that each presentation be copied to one our panel-dedicated flash drives to ease the transition between speakers. In each room, there will be a Macintosh, a PC, a laptop link, and an AV technician for support. We will provide ample time for testing your presentation on our equipment. We recommend that you keep your presentation on a USB drive as a PDF and bring a backup in its original form. If you have any unusual AV needs, please contact us.

Poster Guidelines


Posters will be displayed during all breaks within the Jefferson Fellows Center. We encourage poster presenters to bring additional materials to support their poster presentation (e.g. copies of paper, images, business cards, …). Poster abstracts have also been posted online. If desired, a PDF copy of the poster may be posted to the Conference Website.


Individual posters should be 4 feet by 4 feet. We encourage and will support innovative poster presentations.

Poster Display Details:

The 2010 FID will provide all materials required to display posters in our poster halls. If a poster presenter will be bringing additional materials to display or has a non-standard display request, please email jefffid.2012[at]

Charlottesville Printing Facilities: